Do you need help with your virtual chorus productions?

We specialize in all aspects of virtual chorus projects–licensing, arranging, recording, engineering, video production, and delivery.

How can we help you?

iMac sitting on a Desk


From start to finish, we can help you design your perfect virtual chorus project. From obtaining licenses to making practice recordings, you’ll have all the resources you’ll need to have a successful project.
Piano sheet music


No arrangement available for the song you want to perform? No problem! We can write you a custom arrangements of almost any song (copyright licensing required).
Music software


Pro-audio quality recordings from start to finish. Clear-sounding rehearsal recordings to professional sounding group singing performances and ultra-high definition videos.
Pen and calendar


Already familiar with virtual choruses, but need some extra help? We can talk you through project design challenges and help you find solutions to make your work easier.

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